Twist Pile
Twist Pile – Twisted piles have a coarse, rugged finish created from yarn which has been twisted tightly together. The loops are then cut in order to achieve its textured appearance. One of the most popular styles, it comes in wool or man made fibres. Available in a wide variety of colours, shades and prices.

Velvet Pile from ACF Flooring Ltd
Velvet / Velour Pile – Carpets with a Velvet or Velour pile have a very smooth, elegant cut pile finish. Their gorgeously velveteen feel makes them absolutely perfect for bedrooms. Luxury carpets are often of a velvet construction.

Saxony Pile
SaxonySaxony has a dense, cut pile made with longer tufts creating a sensuous feel. Very popular in bedrooms or living rooms, saxonies do flatten and so are not practical in high traffic areas.

Berber Pile from ACF Flooring
Berber / Loop Pile –Loop piles replicate the appearance of natural flooring such as sisal and coir. It is extremely durable, practical, and fantastic for all-purpose use. They typically come in natural and neutral shades. It’s very good at maintaining its appearance well throughout a long lifetime.

Shag Pile
Shag Pile – Today shag piles are designed for luxury and decorative use. The extra long tufts create that shaggy look, which is becoming increasingly popular again

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